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350 euro


180 euro


170 euro

International domain name:Can choose top international domain name, such as: .com, .nl, .eu,.cn,etc
Web hosting space:High speed web hosting space(unlimited hosting space and data flow), 24*7 uninterrupted visit service.
Online shop system:Professional online shop system and background administrator platform. Provide easily internet online shopping and payment platform, as well as the independent commodity management (increase, deletes, revision), cargo management, report form, statistics, multiple language support, and more powerful functions.
Can choose web template from our template library
:unlimited email addresses
Update service:none
System technology: PHP, MySQL


Difference between this product and online shop system(Basic):
1. Do not provide customize service. Customer can only choose suitable template from our template store.
2. Price is for annual fee
3. No free update service
4. Multiple languages system only support chinese, english, and dutch


  • Professional and normative customer service support system
    Professional practitioners to ensure the professional planning, development, design, programme implementation, research-specialization operation.
    We developed a series of professional and standardized customer service and support system to provide professional services for clients.

  • Overall creative style
    According to the "site-building programme" document, make the overall style and the website home page, columns page, the contents page design.
    Issued two design options for customers to choose either version.
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