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***ECnNl Service Model Explanation***
In order to be responsible to our clients, followed are our service model illustration: a preliminary contact---clients demands analysis, and solution propositon---contract signing; fist draft designed---feedback from the clients---revision work after feedback---finalization  of a manuscript, design starting---approval from the client---publishing of the product---maintenance.

***How to Purchace the ECnNl Product***
Concerning  the purchace please contact ECnNl. While the basic price for the ECnNl is listed in the ´Product Information`category. Of course, the product from ECnNl is always customized, which means ECnNl could figure  the models that are not listed in our website, but in clients´mind. After consultation, ECnNl could do its best to meet the clients´demand.  

***If My Company Needs E-commerce***
The development of Internet creats a new space for the enterprise, and invents such a new management tool that is highly effective and low cost. The realization of electronic commerce could help the managers promote not only the company´s product but the image as well. In the mean time, by using the e-commerce, more communication beween the customers and suppliers could be realized. Further more, e-commerce could also strengthen the company´s maket competition and  profit making purpose will easily come true.

***How Can I Realise the E-commerce if I Have limited Computer Skill***
You do not need to master any computer skill or technique knowledge about e-commerce if you choose ECnNl, as ECnNl could help you realise all the service from the website construction to the after service mainteance. The only thing you need to do is tell us what your idea is and ECnNl will have everything done.

***Who is ECnNl´s Target Clients***
The main targets of ECnNl are the middle and small enterprises in the Netherlands,  for instance, restaurants, educational institution, government organization, and individual etc.  ECnNl has accumulated many experience in solving different kind of e-commerce problem. So far, ECnNl has already enjoyed a high reputation in the field of e-commerce and has a large number of clients throughout China.

 ***We Cannot Afford a Specialist to Offer the Maintenance Service, as We are a Samll Company***
The services that ECnNl offers include not only the web construction, but the after service maintenance. If you cannot afford a specialist , or maybe if you think that it is not worthwhile, don´t worry,  as you can leave everything you can think of to ECnNl.  ECnNl is always availabe to help you out.

 ***I want to buy a template from your website***
There are huge tempalates available in our template shop, you can choose any template you like.  After purchase, you can change the template yourself, or ask us to help you. More questions about buying a template, please check here.

 ***unlimited hosting space and data flow, is it real?***
Yes, ECNNL's professional service provides the high quality web hosting and access speed, with unlimited hosting space and data flow.

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